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Pilgrimage spots

Pallikkunnu Church: Pallikkunnu Church is a major Latin Catholic Church called Our Lady of Lourdes. It was built by French priest Fr. Jefreno in the year 1908. This church is at Meenangadi(Pallikkunnu), which is 14 km away from Kalpetta. An annual church festival held every year that attracts many tourists.

Thirunelli Temple: Thirunelli Temple is an ancient temple, believed to be more than 2000 years old. Tucked on top of a hill and surrounded by large hills which are part of the Western Ghats, the temple is dedicated to Lord Vishnu. The ancient temple stands testimony to the architectural wonders of yesteryears. This temple draws pilgrims from all over, primarily for ancestral rites.

Papanasini, Thirunelli: A short walk from Thirunelli temple is the clear mountain spring known as Papanasini. Devotees believe that a ritual dip here will wash away all sins.

SeethaLavaKusha Temple: Seetha Lava Kusha temple Wayanad is a famous temple at Pulpally. The temple is dedicated to Goddess Seetha.  Thousands of devotees visit the temple every day.

Thrissilery Shiva Temple: Thrissilery Shiva Temple is a treasure trove of architectural wonder. It is in the name of Lord Shiva, a prominent Hindu deity.
Korome Mosque: Korome Mosque, situated 23 km from Mananthavady, is a 300 years old mosque, believed to have been built by the local Nair.  The mosque is built in topical Kerala architectural style with exquisite wooden carvings.  The annual Uroos festival is being celebrated by all communities.

Valliyoorkavu Temple: This temple, situated eight kilometer away from Mananthavady, has mother goddess Durga as the principal deity. This temple is an important one as far as the tribes in Wayanad are concerned. There is an annual 15-day festival from February to April.

Varambatta Mosque: Varambetta Mosque, situated 15 km from Wayanad Kalpetta, is a 300-year old mosque. Apart from Muslims all other tourists visiting Wayanad should also visit this mosque. It is one of the oldest mosques in Wayanad is a major tourist attraction among the Muslims as well as non-Muslims. The annual festival held in every March is a major event.

Major festivals

The following are the major festivals in Wayanad 
Valliyoorkavu Bhagavathi Temple is situated at eight kilometer away from Mananthavady. Wayanad tribes the principal deity of this temple is Mother Goddess Durga. 
There is an annual 15-day temple festival, devoted to Goddess Durga, in the months of February, March and April. Hundreds of tribes in Wayanad celebrate this festival.

Seethadevi Temple, Pulpally - January first week
Seethadevi Temple at Pulpally is the only temple dedicated to the Goddess Sita. The temple festival celebrated annually in January is famous. It attracts people from various parts of Wayanad.

Pallikkunnu Church - February second week
The Pallikkunnu Church is a famous Latin Catholic Church in. It is called as Our Lady of Lourdes dedicated to the Lourdes Matha. So many rituals of this church resemble that of temples. The annual two-week festival called, Perunnal, is celebrated between February 2 and 18. Many people throng the church from various parts of the district to attend the festival.
Varampatta Mosque - March first week
The annual festival at the 300-year old Varambetta Mosque is a festival to reckon with in the tourism landscape of Wayanad. All sections of people, irrespective of caste or religion, take part in the festival.

Thirunelli - Karkidaka Vavu 
A short walk from Thirunelli Temple is the clear mountain spring called Papanasini. It is believed that a ritual dip at Papanasini will help one to purge all his sins.

Cheeyambam Mar Baselious Jacobite church Sep 25- Oct 03
This important pilgrimage centre is situated near Pulpally, 20 km away from Sultan Bathery. The Church is in the name of his Holiness Eldho Mor Baselios and houses his relics. The annual feast begins on September 26 and ends on October 3.
Maidani Mosque, Kalpetta - March – April 
It is one of the most important and famous pilgrimage centres in Wayanad. The mosque is located at Kalpetta. The annual festival held here between the months of March and April draw so many people from different parts of the district. 
Nadavayal St. Thomas Church - January first week
St. Thomas Church is an important pilgrimage center in Wayanad. Established in the name of St. Thomas, the Church is situated at Nadavayal, 14 km away from Sultan Bathery. The Church is famous for the annual thirunal (festival) in held in every January.